Notify Admins Of Pending Requests

The mailman notify command is normally run periodically, usually daily, by cron to send a notice summarizing pending subscriptions, unsubscriptions and held messages waiting moderator approval to a list’s owners and moderators.

There are options for doing selected lists and reporting but not actually sending the notices. Complete information about command options may be obtained by running mailman notify --help.

>>> from mailman.testing.documentation import cli
>>> command = cli('mailman.commands.cli_notify.notify')

>>> command('mailman notify --help')
Usage: notify [OPTIONS]

  Notify list owners/moderators of pending requests.

  -l, --list list  Operate on this mailing list.  Multiple --list options can be
                   given.  The argument can either be a List-ID or a fully
                   qualified list name.  Without this option, operate on the
                   requests for all mailing lists.
  -n, --dry-run    Don't actually do anything, but in conjunction with
                   --verbose, show what would happen.
  -v, --verbose    Print some additional status.
  --help           Show this message and exit.