Sending Digests

When a list’s digests_enabled setting is True, Mailman accumulates list posts in a mailbox for eventual sending to digest members. When the size of this mailbox reaches the list’s digest_size_threshold, a digest is sent to the digest members and the mailbox is cleared.

A list may also have its digest_send_periodic setting True in which case accumulated digests should be sent periodically even if digest_size_threshold hasn’t been reached.

The mailman digests command is run by cron to do the sending of periodic digests. For this use, the --periodic option is used with the command run by cron at intervals determined by the site, but normally daily.

There is also a --send option which will send accummulated digest for a list or lists even if the list’s digest_send_periodic setting is False.

Complete information about command options may be obtained by running mailman digests --help.

>>> from mailman.testing.documentation import cli
>>> command = cli('mailman.commands.cli_digests.digests')

>>> command('mailman digests --help')
Usage: digests [OPTIONS]

  Operate on digests.

  -l, --list list  Operate on this mailing list.  Multiple --list options can be
                   given.  The argument can either be a List-ID or a fully
                   qualified list name.  Without this option, operate on the
                   digests for all mailing lists.
  -s, --send       Send any collected digests right now, even if the size
                   threshold has not yet been met.
  -b, --bump       Increment the digest volume number and reset the digest
                   number to one.  If given with --send, the volume number is
                   incremented before any current digests are sent.
  -n, --dry-run    Don't actually do anything, but in conjunction with
                   --verbose, show what would happen.
  -v, --verbose    Print some additional status.
  -p, --periodic   Send any collected digests for the List only if their
                   digest_send_periodic is set to True.
  --help       Show this message and exit.