Starting and stopping Mailman

The Mailman daemon processes can be started and stopped from the command line.

Set up

All we care about is the master process; normally it starts a bunch of runners, but we don’t care about any of them, so write a test configuration file for the master that disables all the runners.

>>> from mailman.commands.tests.test_cli_control import make_config
>>> make_config(cleanups)


>>> from mailman.testing.documentation import cli
>>> command = cli('mailman.commands.cli_control.start')

Starting the daemons prints a useful message and starts the master watcher process in the background.

>>> command('mailman start')
Starting Mailman's master runner
Generating MTA alias maps
>>> from mailman.commands.tests.test_cli_control import find_master

The process exists, and its pid is available in a run time file.

>>> pid = find_master()
>>> pid is not None


You can also stop the master watcher process from the command line, which stops all the child processes too.

>>> command = cli('mailman.commands.cli_control.stop')
>>> command('mailman stop')
Shutting down Mailman's master runner