News / Changelog

The Postorius Django app provides a web user interface to access GNU Mailman.

Postorius is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 3 of the License.

Postorius is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with Postorius. If not, see <>.




  • Fix min dependency requirement of django-mailman3 to 1.3.10. This was missed in the previous 1.3.9 release.

  • Replace gettext with gettext_lazy to translate the strings in the current language context (Clsoes #550)


  • Show which Lists a user is an owner or moderator of in ‘Manage User’ page. (Closes #580)

  • Add date when the subscription request was created in ‘Pending subscription’ and ‘Pending un-subscription’ pages. (Fixes #575)



  • Honor per-list member roster visibility options (Closes #369)

  • Migrate to Bootstrap 5. (See !769)

  • Add ability to delete a user from the Users page (Closes #543)

  • Django 4.2 support

  • Make Postorius more usable with Javascript disabled. (Closes #544)


  • Use RFC 2047 decoded user names in the confirm_token view. (Fixes #564)

  • Fix issues with the mobile site after Bootstrap 5 upgrade. (Fixes #572)

  • A new SHOW_ANONYMOUS_SUBSCRIBE_FORM setting can be set to False to not display the form on list’s info pages. (Fixes #576)

  • Changed ‘Login’/’Logout’ to ‘Sign In’/’Sign Out’ for better consistency between Postorius and HyperKitty. (Fixes #542)

  • Display Moderation Action None as List default in members view. (Fixes #577)

  • Clarified which settings on the Alter Messages view depend on Filter content. (Closes #584)

  • The Mailing list’s dmarc_addresses attribute can now be viewed/set in Postorius. (Closes #585)


  • Do not mark the List navigation as “tablist” since they are just using tab like style but aren’t true tabs as the page refreshes. (Closes #491)

  • Remove successfully subscribed addresses from the form when the page returns in the mass-subscription page. (Closes #494)

  • Add a label for the checkbox in the Held messages list page. (Closes #501)

  • Redirect to the right page when submitting on un-subscription request and pending confirmation requests. (Closes #482)

  • Use white hamburger lines and white logo for better contrast with blue top bar. (Closes #569)

  • Use nav-pills and change role from tablist to navigation with an aria-label to specify the navigation intent. (See #492)

  • Remove redundant table cell announcements from Mailman Settings page so the field name isn’t read twice. (Fixes #503)

  • Add aria label for all options that are set as ‘—-’ to be unset. (Fixes #504)

  • Move the focus when the search box when the Member page page loads after a search. This saves some time navigating down to the list of search result members. (Fixes #506)


  • Removed polyfills for Internet Explorer (Closes #570)




  • The buttons and confirmation page for removing members have been revised in an attempt to reduce accidental removal of all members. (Fixes #545)

  • Add bounce score for members in the Members table (See #12)

  • Add support for Python 3.11.



  • Fix a bug where various form(s) allowed setting empty values for delivery_mode and language. (Fixes #540, #522)

  • Rename labels description and info fields as ‘Short Description’ and ‘Long Description’ to signify what they mean. (Fixes #510)

  • Use date to format the dates in ‘List Metrics’ section in the List summary page. (Fixes #508)

  • Sort the list of languages in all Select elements alphabetically so they are easier to naviate with screen readers. (Fixes #498)

  • Add support for Django 4.0

  • A couple of unit tests are now marked expectedFailure due to (See #548)

  • Translate template names in the “New Templates” page (See #547)

  • Translate the section names in the MailingList->”Settings” tab. (See #550)

  • Add support for Django 4.1

  • Add support for Python 3.10

  • Remove support for Django < 3.2

  • Remove support for Python < 3.7

  • Replace the use of mock with unittest.mock


  • Change the way role is selector in the List index page to allow use of the filtering without javascript enabled dropdowns. It also enhances usability by enabling the roles that are currently active by default. (See #544)

  • Show the number of files in each Mailman queue under ‘System Information’ tab for Admins. (Fixes #480)




  • Add ‘Delivery Mode’ and ‘Moderation Action’ columns to List members page. (See #471)

  • Add support to list and handle pending un-subscription requests. (Closes #332)

  • Add support to specify a reason when handling (un)subscription requests (Closes #450)

  • Success messages to mass subscribes now properly distinguish subscription from invitation and indicate possible pending confirmation or approval. (Closes #481)

  • User profile dropdown no longer is too far right. (Closes #486)

  • Expose archive_rendering_mode in Archiver settings to choose between plaintext and rich text rendering of emails in Hyperkitty. (Closes #487)

  • Allow choosing delivery_mode and delivery_status when subscribing to a List. (Closes #488)

  • Redirect to domain_index after domain_edit succeeds. (Closes #428)

  • Expose new bounce_notify_owner_on_bounce_increment list setting on Bounce Processing settings, and expose the corresponding template.

  • Expose the forward_unrecognized_bounces_to setting on Bounce Processing settings.

  • Clarified the description of Maximum number of recipients. (Closes #515)

  • List summary view will now display a table for all subscriptions with delivery_mode and delivery_status. (Closes #470)

  • Add a new user management interface for superusrs. (See #518)

  • Allow searching for users in list user views. (See #518)

  • Show both display name and email in user management interface if available, (See #518)

  • Allow list:admin:notice:pending template to be set in Postorius. (Closes #526)


  • Use mass-subscription API in core for Mass Removal of Members. (Closes #464)

  • Fix a bug where users with multiple subscriptions to a List couldn’t view their Preferences for all addresses. (Closes #472)

  • Check for pending unsubscription requests and notify user when the request is pending approval. (Closes #473)

  • Improve the performance of Members’ page by skipping an API call. (Closes #483)

  • Improve the performance of List index page for Superuser. (See !599)

  • Skip looking up choosable_domains for non-superuser to reduce API calls. (See !600)

  • Improve the performance of List owner access checks. (See !598)

  • Add a new APICountingMiddleware to performance testing purposes. (See !604)

  • Use user_id as subscriber instead of addresses to improve the efficiency of list index page. (Closes #419)

  • AUTOCREATE_MAILMAN_USER setting is now removed and a Mailman user is always created when a User object in created in Django. Also remove duplicate implementation of get_mailman_user from MailmanUserManager so that we can use a single implementation that uses caching for efficient lookups.

  • Bump bundled jQuery to 3.6.0.slim version. (See !637)

  • Use the full jQuery not the slim version. (Closes #523)

  • Do not show Ownerships and Moderator roles in the ‘Subscriptions’ page under mange new user interface. (Closes #534)


  • Move the focus to the textarea in mass subscribe page if there are errors in the form. (Closes #493)



  • AUTOCREATE_MAILMAN_USER setting is now removed and a Mailman user is always created when a User object in created in Django. Also remove duplicate implementation of get_mailman_user from MailmanUserManager so that we can use a single implementation that uses caching for efficient lookups.


  • Check that a user owns the email address they are trying to unsubscribe. This fixes a bug in which any logged-in user could unsubscribe any email address from any mailing list, leaking whether that address was subscribed originally. (CVE-2021-40347, Closes #531)



  • Update the default Site when creating a domain to match the domain if it is (Closes #427)

  • Add the ability to subscribe via Primary Address instead of specific address. (See !516)

  • Fix a bug where the user’s display name would be ignore when subscribing. (Closes #429)

  • Display a user’s name in the pending subscription request list. (Closes #430)

  • Set a user’s preferrred_address in Core if it isn’t already set and the user has a Primary Address that is verified.

  • Use the new APIs in Core to get the count of held messages and pending subscriptions to improve peroformance of settings page for list owners. (Fixes #417)

  • Show held message is local time of the User. (Closes #434)

  • Fix a bug where non-member options page would show an owner’s options if the same email was subscribed as owner and non-member in a list. (Closes #436)

  • Switching subscription from one email address to other or Primary Address now preserves preferences and does not require Moderator approval. (Closes #425)

  • Make ‘Archives’ and ‘List Options’ urls more prominently visible in the list summary page as buttons. (Closes #439)

  • Added the ability to issue invitations from the mass subscribe view.

  • Expose emergency moderation setting for MailingList.

  • Fixed some minor HTML errors. (Closes #442)

  • Fix the bug where ListOfStringsField couldn’t be unset in Postorius. (Closes #444)

  • Allow list:user:action:invite template to be set in Postorius. (Closes #454)

  • Fix a bug where the Bans form would always use default language instead of current request’s language. (Closes #441)

  • Fix the URL on cancel buttons in template’s confirm delete page. (Closes #458)

  • Use server side filtering for pending subscription requests for moderator approval. (See !559)

  • Allow setting moderation action for a nonmember from Held Message modal. ( Closes #448)

  • Add a new view to confirm subscriptions or new emails for Users using Postorius. (Fixes #459)

  • Fix a bug where membership check compared email addresses in different cases. (Closes #457)

  • Mass removal now accepts address formats with display names and/or angle brackets. (Closes #455)

  • Add support to override send_welcome_message when mass subscribing to suppress welcome messages. (Closes #99)

  • Add support for Django 3.1.x. (See !574)

  • The list’s send_goodbye_message is now settable on the Automatic Responses view. (Closes #466)

  • Support HYPERKITTY_ENABLE_GRAVATAR setting to control the user gravatar. (Closes #467)



  • Expose additional list settings. (See !483)

  • Correct description of Digest Frequency. (Closes #395)

  • Added links to Reply-To munging articles. (Closes #401)

  • Fix “Show Headers” button to show the held message headers in the held message popup. (Closes #407)

  • Fix the held message popup structure and increase the max width of the popup to be 800px(modal-lg) for larger screens. (Closes #405)

  • Fix FILTER_VHOST = True option to try to find the email host corresponding to the requesting web host. (Closes #394)

  • Allow specifying a reason when rejecting a held message. (Closes #412)

  • Allow users to set their preferred language in their preferences. (Closes #413)

  • Add support to ban addresses for the entire Mailman installation. (Closes #357)

  • Un-handled HTTPError exception raised from MailmanClient now results in an error page and proper logging instead of mysterious KeyError in logs. (Closes #341)

  • Change List settings navigation to be vertical instead of horizontal. (See !509)

  • Move bounce processing settings into a new vertical tab for better visibility.

  • Add URL to edit the Web host for each domain in Domain Index page. Also, show the SITE_ID for each webhost. (Closes #426)



  • Do not show pagination, when user is authenticated. (Closes #387)

  • Drop support for Django 1.11.

  • Add support to choose options for pre_confirm, pre_approve and pre_verify when mass subscribing. (Fixes #203)



  • Show templates’ file names in selection list where admins can pick individual templates for customization. (See !425)

  • Make template short names more prominent on all email templates related views. (See !425)

  • Bind object attributes to local variables in {% blocktrans %} (See !439)

  • Set the initial style in new list form as the default style. (Closes #310)

  • Fix a bug where logged in users’s index page view would cap the total number of lists for a role to 50. (Closes #335)

  • Fix a bug where handling non-existent held message can raise 500 exception. (Closes #349)

  • Emit appropriate signals when Domain and MailingList is updated. (Closes #385)

  • Do not strip leading whitespaces in Email Templates. (Closes #301)

  • Hold date for held messages are now displayed correctly. (Closes #312)

  • Add support for Python 3.8.

  • Add support for Django 3.0.



  • Fix a string substitution bug which would cause un-substituted raw string to be exposed as notification to admin. (Closes #327)

  • Add support for FILTER_VHOST option to filter MalingLists based on HOST header of incoming request. (Closes #330)

  • List Summary page now renders List info as markdown. (Closes #244)

  • Moderation action for held message’s sender can now be set from held message’s view.(Closes #127)

  • Add a ‘Ban’ button to list of subscription requests to help administrators against spams. (Closes #339)

  • Added support for Django 2.2.

  • pytest will be used to run tests instead of default Django’s test runner.

  • Remove vcrpy and use fixtures to start and stop Mailman’s REST API to test against, without having to record tapes to be replayed.

  • Corrected display message in ‘recieve_list_copy’ option in global mailman preferences of mailman settings. (Closes #351)

  • Allow setting a MailingList’s Preferred Language. (Closes #303)

  • Allow a empty templates as a workaround for missing settings to skip email decoration. (Closes #331)

  • Expose digest_volume_frequency, digest_send_periodict and digests_enabled settings for MailingLists.

  • Add a badge with count of held messages and pending subscription requests for moderator approval. (Closes #308)

  • Add support to add, view and remove domain owners.

  • Allow setting the visibility options for MailingList’s member list.

  • Make page titles localizable.



  • Add support for explicit_header_only in list settings. (See !369)



  • Expose max_num_recipients in list settings. (Closes #297)

  • Add support for Non-member management in Postorius. (Closes #265)

  • Members tab in Mailing List settings page is now called Users. (Closes #309)

  • Show pending subscription requests are only pending for Moderator. (Closes #314)



  • Add support for Python 3.7 with Django 2.0+

  • Index page only shows related lists for signed-in users with option to filter based on role.

  • Expose respond_to_post_requests in Postorius. (Closes #223)



  • A Django migration was missing from version 1.2.0. This is now added.



  • Postorius now runs only on Python 3.4+ and supports Django 1.8 and 1.11+

  • Added the ability to set and edit alias_domain to the domains forms.

  • List Create form now allows selecting the style. A style is how a new mailing list is configured.

  • Minimum supported Mailman Core version is now 3.2.0. This is because the styles attribute for MailingList resource is exposed in 3.2, which contains all the default styles supported by Core and their human readable description.

  • Account subscription page now lists all the memberships with their respective roles. This avoids repeated API calls for the way data was displayed before. (Closes #205)

  • Postorius now supports only Django 1.11+.

  • Duplicate MailingList names doesn’t return a 500 error page and instead adds an error to the New MailingList form. (Fixes #237)

  • Pending subscription requests page is now paginated. (See !298)

  • Add owners/moderators form now allows specifying a Display Name, along with their email. (Fixes #254)

  • Members views now show total number of members at the top. (See !315)

  • Fixed a bug where GET on views that only expect a POST would cause 500 server errors instead of 405 method not allowed. (Fixes #185)

  • Member preferences form can now be saved without having to change all the fields. (Fixes #178)

  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Delete’ button to remove list owners didn’t work due to wrong URL being rendered in the templates. (Fixes #274)

  • Require Explicit Destination is added to the Message Acceptance form. (Closes #277)

  • Delete Domain page now shows some extra warning information about all the mailing lists that would be deleted after deleting the Domain. (See !250)

  • Superusers can now view Mailman Core’s current version and REST API version being used under ‘System Information’ menu in the top navigation bar. (See !325)

  • Fixed a bug where 500 error template wouldn’t render properly due to missing context variables in views that render that templates (See !334)

  • Postorius now allows adding and editing templates for email headers, footers and some of the automatic responses sent out by Mailman. (See !327)



  • Added a new reset_passwords command that resets _all_ user’s passwords inside of Core. This password is different from the one Postorius maintains. The Postorius password is the one used for logging users in.

  • Postorius now sets the ‘Display Name’ of the user in Core correctly. This fixes a security vulnerability where user’s display_name would be set as their Core’s password.



  • Improved testing and internal bug fixes.

  • Preserve formatting of Mailing List description in the summary view.

  • Site’s Name isn’t capitalized anymore in the navigation bar.

  • html5shiv and response.js libraries are now included, instead of loading from a CDN.

1.1.0 – “Welcome to This World”


  • Added DMARC mitigation settings

  • Switch to Allauth auth library

  • Preference page improvements

  • Moderation page improvements

  • Django support up to Django 1.11

  • Added form to edit header matches

  • Domain edit form improvements

  • All pipelines recognized in alter messages form

  • Use django-mailman3 to share common code with HyperKitty

  • Various bug fixes, code cleanup, and performance improvements



  • Fix security issue



  • Bug fix release



  • Help texts Small visual alignment fix; removed unnecessary links to separate help pages.

  • Import fix in fieldset_forms module (Django1.6 only)

1.0.0 – “Frizzle Fry”


  • French translation. Provided by Guillaume Libersat

  • Addedd an improved test harness using WebTest. Contributed by Aurélien Bompard.

  • Show error message in login view. Contributed by Aurélien Bompard (LP: 1094829).

  • Fix adding the a list owner on list creation. Contributed by Aurélien Bompard (LP: 1175967).

  • Fix untranslatable template strings. Contributed by Sumana Harihareswara (LP: 1157947).

  • Fix wrong labels in metrics template. Contributed by Sumana Harihareswara (LP: 1409033).

  • URLs now contain the list-id instead of the fqdn_listname. Contributed by Abhilash Raj (LP: 1201150).

  • Fix small bug moderator/owner forms on list members page. Contributed by Pranjal Yadav (LP: 1308219).

  • Fix broken translation string on the login page. Contributed by Pranjal Yadav.

  • Show held message details in a modal window. Contributed by Abhilash Raj (LP: 1004049).

  • Rework of internal testing

  • Mozilla Persona integration: switch from django-social-auto to django-browserid: Contributed by Abhilash Raj.

  • Fix mmclient command for non-IPython shells. Contributed by Ankush Sharma (LP: 1428169).

  • Added archiver options: Site-wide enabled archivers can not be enabled on a per-list basis through the web UI.

  • Added functionality to choose or switch subscription addresses. Contributed by Abhilash Raj.

  • Added subscription moderation, pre_verification/_confirmation.

  • Several style changes.

1.0 beta 1 – “Year of the Parrot”


  • fixed pip install (missing MANIFEST) (LP: 1307624). Contributed by Aurélien Bompard

  • list owners: edit member preferences

  • users: add multiple email addresses

  • list info: show only subscribe or unsubscribe button. Contributed by Bhargav Golla

  • remove members/owners/moderator. Contributed by Abhilash Raj

1.0 alpha 2 – “Is It Luck?”


  • dev setup fix for Django 1.4 contributed by Rohan Jain

  • missing csrf tokens in templates contributed by Richard Wackerbarth (LP: 996658)

  • moderation: fixed typo in success message call

  • installation documentation for Apache/mod_wsgi

  • moved project files to separate branch

  • show error message if connection to Mailman API fails

  • added list members view

  • added developer documentation

  • added test helper utils

  • all code now conform to PEP8

  • themes: removed obsolete MAILMAN_THEME settings from templates, contexts, file structure; contributed by Richard Wackerbarth (LP: 1043258)

  • added access control for list owners and moderators

  • added a mailmanclient shell to use as a command (python mmclient)

  • use “url from future” template tag in all templates. Contributed by Richard Wackerbarth.

  • added “new user” form. Contributed by George Chatzisofroniou.

  • added user subscription page

  • added decorator to allow login via http basic auth (to allow non-browser clients to use API views)

  • added api view for list index

  • several changes regarding style and navigation structure

  • updated to jQuery 1.8. Contributed by Richard Wackerbarth.

  • added a favicon. Contributed by Richard Wackerbarth.

  • renamed some menu items. Contributed by Richard Wackerbarth.

  • changed static file inclusion. Contributed by Richard Wackerbarth.

  • added delete domain feature.

  • url conf refactoring. Contributed by Richard Wackerbarth.

  • added user deletion feature. Contributed by Varun Sharma.

1.0 alpha 1 – “Space Farm”


Many thanks go out to Anna Senarclens de Grancy and Benedict Stein for developing the initial versions of this Django app during the Google Summer of Code 2010 and 2011.

  • add/remove/edit mailing lists

  • edit list settings

  • show all mailing lists on server

  • subscribe/unsubscribe/mass subscribe mailing lists

  • add/remove domains

  • show basic list info and metrics

  • login using django user account or using BrowserID

  • show basic user profile

  • accept/discard/reject/defer messages

  • Implementation of Django Messages contributed by Benedict Stein (LP: #920084)

  • Dependency check in contributed by Daniel Mizyrycki

  • Proper processing of acceptable aliases in list settings form contributed by Daniel Mizyrycki