System configuration

The entire system configuration is available through the REST API. You can get a list of all defined sections.

>>> dump_json('http://localhost:9001/3.0/system/configuration')
http_etag: ...
sections: ['antispam', 'archiver.mail_archive', 'archiver.master', ...

You can also get all the values for a particular section.

>>> dump_json('http://localhost:9001/3.0/system/configuration/mailman')
default_language: en
email_commands_max_lines: 10
filtered_messages_are_preservable: no
html_to_plain_text_command: /usr/bin/lynx -dump $filename
http_etag: ...
layout: testing
noreply_address: noreply
pending_request_life: 3d
sender_headers: from from_ reply-to sender

Dotted section names work too, for example, to get the French language settings section.

>>> dump_json('http://localhost:9001/3.0/system/configuration/')
charset: iso-8859-1
description: French
enabled: yes
http_etag: ...